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inside Me.
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oan :
.ii love women.
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we are women.

they want to downplay your intelligence
belittle your greatness
sweep away your passion for life. to have no feelings. depleted esteem keeps them afloat
they want you to be a shell
so they can fill you with immoral concepts of how a life should be lived.
a blank canvas,
to paint an image of their liking
so that you will blend.
they want to suck your vivid soul dry .grey.
make you replicate what is the modern day “role model”
they want you to be unnoticeable.
dont give them power.
take a stand and show your true colorful self.
yes in print its black and white but we are not white sheets of paper
we are women
different shades of individual women

-cheerol linton / cherry Raine

we are a great people

the most annoying thing…

expand your horizons.

how can you expect change repeating your same actions.
there is favor in in growth .


a series of unfortunate events.

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